Songju Ma Daemicke
an Award-Winning Children's Author

School/Library Visits

A former engineer, Songju loves to share both science and logic concepts with young readers.
If you'd like to book Songju for an author visit, please contact her. 

Cumberland Elementary School
(Des Plaines, IL. )
Bilingual Rock Immersion School 
(Lake Forest, IL. )
   Cumberland Elementary School was delighted to have award-winning author,Songju Ma Daemicke come to our school and make presentations to our students K/1-5. As she presented to each grade level, she adjusted the content of her speech and activities to match the students’ developmental readiness. She related her book, Cao Chong Weighs an Elephant, to STEM concepts while she challenged the students to solve problems and puzzles related to science and math. The teachers and students were certainly engaged and excited to participate in Songju’s presentation.

   It was such a wonderful opportunity for our students to meet you and to learn about your amazing book this semester. The lesson you taught was absolutely impressive. All the students who have enrolled in our Mandarin immersion after school program love Chinese language and culture. Both parents and students deeply appreciate this fantastic opportunity. 

St. Francis Xavier School
(Wilmette, IL.)
--Barbara Zachwieja,  Media Specialist, Cumberland School
-- Mengmeng Lin, Founder, Bilingual Rock Immersion School

Suggested Curriculum

Attea Middle School
(Glenview, IL.)
 Park View Elementary School
 (Morton Grove)

Each session would be approximately 50 minutes. Please limit to maximum of five sessions per day. Children benefit the most in smaller groups ( about 4 classrooms) at a time. This allows them to see the book , ask questions, and interact with props in a relaxing way. It's educational and fun!

How to be a problem solver!
by Songju Ma Daemicke, the author of a Best STEM book of 2018
Grade level:  K and up - adjusted to specific grade level
Duration: 50 minutes
PowerPoint presentation. Reading of Cao Chong Weighs an Elephant, a Best STEM book of 2018. Songju shares some problems and problem solving strategies to guide the students to unlock their unlimited imaginations and discover their creativity. A question and answer session will fellow if time permits.
Cao Chong Weighs an Elephant/ A Case of Sense and Chinese Culture
Grade level: K and up 
Duration: 50 minutes
PowerPoint presentation. Reading one of her books, Cao Chong Weighs an Elephant /A Case of Sense, Songju shares some Chinese New Year customs and culture. She also incorporates a Chinese New Year decoration draw-along and teaches a few very simple Chinese (Mandarin) words. Questions and answers follow.

How a Book is Made
Grade level: K and up

Duration: 50 minutes
Reading of A Case of Sense, with students using a Chinese gong, judge's gavel and fun with all the onomatopoeias (sound words.), followed by "How a book is made",  an interactive PowerPoint presentation showing the many processes of book publication from the spark of an idea to a beautiful book in hand. Sound and smell guessing games and/or a question and answer session if time permits.
Chinese Folktales and A Case of Sense  
Grade level:  K and up
Duration: 50 minutes
PowerPoint presentation. Songju will read her book, A Case of Sense,  while students' collaborate with sound effects (using a Chinese gong, judge's gavel and coins).  She shares her childhood growing up in China and the role folktales played in her life. Songju also talks about different stages of A Case of Sense, including the editing and illustrating processes and ends with some questions and answers.
The Story Behind A Case of Sense 
Grade level:  3-7
Duration: 50 minutes
PowerPoint presentation- emphasizing in more detail the writing and re-writing process in this engaging and comprehensive presentation. Songju uses A Case of Sense  as an example of how the story was created, edited and published, following by a question and answer session.

Rates for school visits:
$450 for a day visit, including up to five 50-minutes sessions.

Washington Elementary School