Songju Ma Daemicke
an Award-Winning Children's Author
About  Songju
Fast Facts:
Birth Zodiac : Tiger
Husband: Dale, attorney and sometimes collaborater
Children: Feifei, Allison and Kathryn, twins
Degree: Master in Computer Science
Favorite games: Bridge, Canasta, Pictionary, Gestures
Favorite sports: Badminton, Biking, Hiking
Favorite kids books: Blueberries for Sal
My favorite book when I was a child:
Journey to the West 
   I always appreciated how the Monkey King helped the poor and the weak, defeated the evil and the greedy, and stood up for fairness and justice.
When did you become interested in writing?
     I enjoyed reading while young and throughout my youth.Even though I always excelled in math, I have always loved literature. After my twin daughters were born,  I read to them every day.  Reading stories inspired me to try to write a story myself .
When are you most creative?
     In the night I often have a hard time falling asleep. While relaxing in bed and allowing my mind to wander, a lot of ideas make their way into my thoughts. I try to write them down to explore later.
 Yosemite National Park, my favorite piece of land on the earth.