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Monday, July 31, 2017

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  1. Met Gene Luen Yang
    30 Apr, 2017
    Met Gene Luen Yang
    The Reading Without Walls Challenge! Gene Luen Yang, the fifth National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, is challenging kids to read without walls in one of three ways: 1. Read a book about a character who doesn’t look like you or live like you. 2. Read a book about a topic you don’t know much about. 3. Read a book in a format that you don’t normally read for fun. This might be a chapter book, a graphic novel, a book in verse, a picture book, or a hybrid book. If you really want to
  2. Chinese New Year celebration at the Xilin Chinese School
    20 Feb, 2017
    Chinese New Year celebration at the Xilin Chinese School
    My students at Xilin Chinese School sang a Chinese song to celebrate Chinese New Year. 小兔子乖乖 小兔子乖乖,把门儿开开, 快点儿开开,我要进来。 不开不开,我不开, 妈妈没回来,谁来也不开。 小兔子乖乖,把门儿开开, 快点儿开开,我要进来。 就开就开,我就开, 妈妈回来了,我就把门开。
  3. New Year's Resolutions!
    08 Jan, 2017
    New Year's Resolutions!
    Here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2017! (in case you were anxiously awaiting them... or even if you weren't)  Ok, so maybe it is already January 8th.  I do truly plan to start them all tomorrow when my daughters go back to school!! Really!          Better late than never. Right? By putting them out as my first blog of 2017, I am hoping to have more motivation to diligently follow them. 1) Go to bed early (before 10:30) and get up early; 2) Exercise at least 30 minutes/day four